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Jainchan – Neck and Shoulder Massager with Heat

Original price was: ₹3,599.00.Current price is: ₹1,999.00.
Introducing the Jainchan Neck and Shoulder Massager with Heat, your ultimate solution for relieving tension and promoting relaxation after a long day. Crafted with advanced technology and ergonomic design, this massager is tailored to target those stubborn knots and soothe your tired muscles effectively.

Jainchan – Planetarium Star Galaxy Projector, Music Lamp Light

Original price was: ₹2,999.00.Current price is: ₹1,299.00.
Step into a world of wonder with the Jainchan Planetarium Star Galaxy Projector. Transform any room into a mesmerizing celestial oasis, where stars twinkle, galaxies swirl, and dreams take flight.

Jainchan – UFO Raindrop Humidifier | Diffuser Drop Fountain

Original price was: ₹5,999.00.Current price is: ₹1,999.00.
Transform your environment with the Jainchan UFO Raindrop Humidifier. From its serene design to its multifaceted functionality, this device offers a holistic approach to well-being and relaxation. Embrace the tranquility and elevate your space with the Jainchan UFO Humidifier today.

Jainchan – Volcano Humidifier, Mist Mode | Aroma Diffuser,

Original price was: ₹3,000.00.Current price is: ₹1,549.00.
Introducing Jainchan Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffusers, the perfect fusion of elegance and functionality to elevate your home ambiance. Our 360ML

Jainchan Flying Butterfly Toy

Jainchan® Flying Butterfly Toys/Games are colorful rubber wind-up butterflies perfect for surprise butterfly card gifts and adding a whimsical touch to various occasions. They're versatile, great for decorating, and add fun to cake boxes, gift boxes, greeting cards, and crafts. Perfect for all ages!

Jainchan® Crystal Lamp, Rose Diamond, Touch Color Changing Lamp

Original price was: ₹1,600.00.Current price is: ₹580.00.
"Illuminate your space with elegance using the Jainchan® Crystal Lamp, a mesmerizing Rose Crystal Diamond Table Lamp that brings a touch of luxury to any room. Experience the magic of color-changing illumination with a simple touch or use the convenient remote control for effortless ambiance adjustment. Elevate your décor with this stunning crystal lamp that seamlessly blends beauty and functionality."